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AAA Sports Memorabilia on Authenticity

AAA Sports Memorabilia on Authenticity

Posted by Liam Mitchell on

In the Sports Memorabilia business, there is not a lot that is more important than authenticity. This is something we know customers are cautious off, and for good reason – in the 1990’s the FBI carried out operation Bullpen where they made 6 arrests and found more than $10 million worth of forged memorabilia.

At AAA Sports we only provide genuine and authentic products, the information below will help you understand how…

AAA Sports joined AFTAL, Autograph Fair Trade Association, to recognize the problem of forged memorabilia and to give consumers piece of mind when purchasing our products.Being part of AFTAL means we have hard to comply with their strict vetting procedure and follow their code of ethics, in summary ensuring that each one of our products is authentic.

For more information about AFTAL. We ensure this by organizing our own private signings or obtaining products through other AFTAL members carrying out private signings. This means that we can be 100% confident that the signature will be genuine and that the customer will have a fantastic piece of memorabilia.

A Private signing would usually involve the sports star coming to our Trade Unit in Liverpool for a couple of hours. During this time, we have all the products ready for them to sign, so that they can carefully sign each one individually. it is important to state that none of our products involve any photocopies or printed signatures, the Sport star simply must sign each product one at a time.

AAA Sports Memorabilia on Authenticity

Our Reputation is also supported by the fact we Sir Kenny Dalglish as one of our brand ambassadors. Having Sir Kenny on board speaks volume for our authentic reputation and demonstrates the lengths we go to, ensuring we can have direct access to sports stars and their all-important signatures. You can see the picture below of the private singing we did with Sir Kenny earlier this year.

When purchasing our products, you will also receive our Certificate of Authenticity, signed by our Managing Director Richard Daley and with our hologram logo imprinted. By signing and providing this, we are guaranteeing the originality of the product and even include a photo of the Sport star signing the memorabilia.

We hope the gives some clarity on our Authenticity however if you have any further questions please feel free to give us a call or email

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