Following on from our blog about Authenticity, this blog aims to make consumers aware of the MECHANICALLY PRINTED/ GENERATED SIGNATURE Market.

You can about imagine it… You order you favourite sports stars signature for yourself, or even as a gift for a loved one, and when you receive it you love it…. But it’s not quite right.

Would you still love your new piece of memorabilia knowing that the signature had actually been printed on the shirt rather than, as you thought, been signed by one of your favourite sport stars? The likely answer is NO.

Owning a piece of sporting memorabilia is the pride and joy of many, knowing that your idol has actually sat down and signed the shirt or item, been in contact with it, is what makes it so memorable. Yet, there are companies out there which offer sporting memorabilia in all shapes and sizes, but the signature has been printed on the item. Yes, the signature is a COPY of that of the players, but knowing it’s not been hand signed removes the significance of your luxury memorabilia item.

By law, any site promoting the sale of such goods must disclose this however its often found in smaller text or buried in somewhere that it is not obvious to the consumer. At AAA Sports Memorabilia, we think it is important that customers are aware of this and also commit to having authentic signatures that have been hand signed by the sports star themselves. That way, we can sell genuine items that we know matter to the customers, and that they will love them.

One of the biggest giveaways is the price. Printed signatures are often cheaper so remember, if the price seems to good to be true it often is.

We hope this Blog provides our customers with clarification of the MECHANICALLY PRINTED/GENERATED SIGNATURES Market and if you’re in doubt, be sure to ask.